Out Patient Department – Clinics

The hospital runs CLINICS, catering to more than 250 patients a day.

It primarily conducts Homeopathic CLINICS, but has over a period of time, equipped itself with clinical departments also. These clinical departments offer a UNIQUE AND HOLISTIC TRAINING in the respective branches of medicine and surgery.

This helps in Homeopathic clinical documentation and study of Homeopathic therapeutics. All clinical departments are manned by qualified homoeopaths, complemented by specialists in that field.

These clinics provide training in CLASSICAL, PURE, HAHNEMANNIAN Homeopathic SPIRIT AND IDEOLOGY, together with the latest knowledge in all other disciplines.

The hospital has its own Homeopathic dispensing pharmacy that stocks most of the required medications.

1.Homoeopathic OPD
2.Chest OPD
3.Diet and Nutrition OPD
5.Geriatric OPD
6.Medicine OPD
7.Obstetrics and Gynecology OPD
8.Ophthalmology OPD
9.Orthopedic OPD
10.Pediatric OPD
11.Psychiatry OPD
12.Surgery OPD

Out Patient Department – Clinics

There is a well-equipped operation unit, the operations conducted by qualified specialists.

Cases that do not fall within the scope of homoeotherapeutics and need operative intervention are taken in for surgery in the same hospital. But pre-operative and post-operative management of such cases is done Homeopathically.